Smart Audio Glasses Speaker Driving Voice Privacy


【Change Styles Magnetically】These are the world’s first smart audio glasses adopting Magnetic Quick-Release Modular Design that allows instant switch between different lens frames. With advanced TWS audio technology tailored to your daily wear and style. You can buy other styles of frames in our official Amazon store.
【Your Voice Assistant On-Call】Activating your phone’s virtual assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) is just 4 temple taps away. With WGP’s built-in MEMS microphones and AAC speakers, you can interact directly with your phone, setting up and hearing navigation or making calls on the go.
【More Comfy More Private】The standard package comes with a pair of soft pads for comfortable wearing and reducing sound leakage even further, especially for use in quieter space. Rest assured that the transmitted audio won’t get dispersed, and your privacy gets “undercover”.
【Smart Body Induction & Gesture Control】The body induction sensors hidden in the temples allow for an intuitive experience with WGP glasses as it powers up and connects to your phone automatically within 3 seconds upon wearing. General interactive controls like adjusting volume, soundtracks play/pause/switch, answering, or turning down calls are all at your fingertips.
【Long Working Time】Abundant power, more long-lasting endurance. Built-in large-capacity dual batteries (220mAh). Boasting 120 hours (5 days) for standby or 7 hours run-time for continuous music playing, WGP got you covered for all-day use. The specially designed magnetic ports on the temples allow fast and easy charging with no hassles.


Smart Audio Glasses Speaker Driving Voice Privacy

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Magnetic Quick-Release Modular Design

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